Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Want A Little Coffee Ina Your Creamer?

Well at least it is before noon!  I kind of overdid it on the coffee creamer though.  Talk about your latte' .  Oh well I won't have to use any creamer on my next cup.   With my sleeping patterns back to what can be, I guess defined as "normal" I've been getting to sleep before 1:00am and depending on if I had "help" getting to sleep I'm usually up and about by 9:00
Today was the exception because yesterday evening I was doing some crocheting and fell asleep for almost three hours so I was up until just after 2:00 this morning.  I thought about taking one of my sleeping aids but didn't because it would have me sleeping  until almost late afternoon and I want to see at least some daylight.

Today's moon is in the final waning phase and is in Leo, tomorrow it will be in it's last quarter phase and in Virgo.  I have found that during these waning days I am more energetic and if it wasn't for previous injuries to my back I'd be able to get more done around here.  But that's okay a little at a time "slow and steady" as they say.
This weekend should prove to be a decent one as the moon will be in Libra Friday and Saturday and in the Lunar Phase, waning crescent.   Yeah I know some of you are rolling your eyes but I have noticed subtle things going on within me due to the moon's phases .

Admit it, aren't there certain times of the month when you crave a certain food, this goes for the guys as well as the girls, it has nothing to do with female menses.  I don't have those parts any longer and I find I crave certain foods at certain parts of the month even more now than I ever did when I had my cycles.  Study yourself keep an eye on your own sleeping patters, are there times when you are up late, just can't unwind and other times when you fall asleep watching the five o'clock news?  I do know this, next flare I have I'm going to check the moon phase and what sign it is in so I can maybe be better prepared the next time.

Looking back I see where my last major flare that landed me in hospital the moon was waning crescent in the Lunar phase in the house of Capricorn.   Tomorrow starts the Lunar phase but waning crescent and in the house of Virgo.  So I shall see how I feel at that time.

Like I said earlier right now my back aches and my sinuses have been giving me trouble.  I've also woken up coughing a couple of times during the night.  My hands and feet are "puffy".  But this all comes with the disease.  Right now if I had the strength I'd be yanking my big toe on my right foot off of that foot right now.  It hurts from the tip all the way into the joint..

Now my 2nd cup of "joe" since "Johan" isn't here rubbing my feet as the commercial claims.  This cup looks like coffee, I also grabbed a couple pieces of toast as I was feeling a bit "peckish" .  Every time I spread something on toast or a bagel I am reminded of that scene in The Bird Cage where Armand is attempting to teach Albert how to be a "man"  and shows Albert how to "smear" the spread onto the toast; good movie I should watch it again.

So, I changed the background to my you like it?  I wanted to capture the "festive" feel but not get too far into Christmas.   To those who say "Tis the reason for the season" I say, check your history children, the season was here long before Christianity landed and that in fact Christianity is based upon the teachings of a Hebrew man...I wonder if anyone has told that Redneck KKK group about that?  They claim to be a Christian based organization dedicated to white/Christian supremacy ..Do they know their religion was begun by a Hebrew man?

Kind of a gloomy day out there actually.  I don't know if we had rain or the fog was just super thick earlier or we had snow and it melted, maybe ice and it melted but  the porch was damp and the step was wet when I let Sophie out this morning,   She came in and her belly was wet and so was her fur so it wasn't just the dew.   It is also chillier today.  I have figured out the thermostat and keep it at just about 65 degrees.  That keeps it warm enough inside and if it gets too warm I open up the kitchen window for awhile.  The cold makes me wanna pee...