Roxie Codin's Page of Pain

Up and down all night having breathing problems thought about going to the ER but who would take care of Sophie and all they would do is give me steroids.l  My hands are shaking and hurt.  I have a headache, my sinuses are killing me.  My chest hurts breathing in and out. 

Both of my arms ache from the shoulders down into my elbows, the right one worse.  My eyes hurt so bad I want to dig my eyeballs out of my skull.  My knees ache, I got up to take Sophie outside and you should have herd them popping. 

The world didn't least not for everyone but I'm flaring like crazy.  For those of you who have seen the movie This Is Spinal Tap I can tell you that my pain surpasses 11 I am at about 15 right now and when I'm in this kind of pain all I can do is brew up some coffee and pop some Arthritis Pain Tylenol just to get the pain back down to 11. 

If I had a blender right now my fingers and toes would be looking like ground beef.  It is all that I can do to keep myself from pounding my head with my rubber mallet.  The pain is so great that my eyes are tearing up and Oh the headache so bad I can barely keep my eyes open. 

Maybe the world did end?  It has been snowing on and off all day.  Not a lot so far but enough to be too cold and too damp, that's not helping this flare at all.  y hands shake bad...I get these "electrical" charges through them.  I'm wondering if this is Parkinson's and related to my Lupus or if it is something different.  I've had the shakes for quite some time now but it seems to be getting worse.

I'm hurting so bad, I have to go in and heat up some coffee so I can take the pain pills with it.  I can't take Oxicodeine Vicodin because I'm allergic to codeine but I might force myself to withstand the vomiting just to end this damn pain, and good grief the shakes, even making fists doesn't stop m,y hand from almost bouncing. 

My ankles hurt.  Oh to have someone here to massage my feet and hands.  Just my feet and hands would be fantastic.  I guess it is because they are at the end of my body and massaging them pushes everything back through my system and that gives me a boost of sorts.  

The cold and damp doesn't help any I could withstand the cold if there wasn't this dampness with it.  The cold in Tahoe for instance is dry and totally different from here.  The cold in Lake Tahoe doesn't get deep into your joints when you are hurting and it doesn't stay there for the entire winter, building more pain.  

I am hoping that pain my lower back is my lower spin and not my kidneys. I have been having a hard time standing, my hips become so weak.  During flares I have to make sure I know where I can sit if I'm dealing with a push cart.  That is the main attraction to Wal Mart and their scooters.  For all the crap I have to go through to shop at Wal Mart I can at least do so on a scooter.  

So this isn't getting me any coffee heated up and I'm not getting any pain pills and Sophie won't go do it for me, damn dog.  So I will have to do it myself. , that is unless you , the reader would be so kind...