Nude Blonde

Today Shannon was late getting to her classes so rather than make her ride wait for her I volunteered to take her. Rather than coming all the way back home just to literally turn around as soon as I drove in to go and pick her up I decided to stay. All three of the dogs were with me so I'd have some nutty company while I waited and read, yes I brought a book with me along with my I Pod.

About 45 minutes before Shannon's last class let out they were all getting antsy and whiny, so I drove to a semi secluded area of the parking lot and was going to allow them out one by one to stretch and do some "business". That was the idea anyway. First thing I was going to need to do was get the O2 tank out of the car and set it near the car so I could have it there while the dogs walked back and forth on their leashes.

Sophie and Phoebe had other ideas and jumped out as soon as the door was opened! So there I was trying to wrestle with their leashes while getting the tank moved so I could get the cannula back in place so I could get some oxygen while trying to untangle the leashes and get the dogs back into the car until I was set up when Miss Phoebe decided to slip her collar!

Remember we are still in the parking lot of the college and while it wasn't busy, there were still cars going to and from and Phoebe was a tiny little thing. I tried not to go into panic mode, got Sophie back into the car, shut the door and went looking around for Phoebe, found her depositing a "message" and when she was finished I grabbed her up before she could go anywhere else. I still have not gotten my oxygen back on.

Once I grabbed her up I got her into the car and then hooked back into the O2 and just sat until my heart rate went down and my oxygen level came back up. I gave those two pure hell while Sadie just sat watching. She hadn't moved a muscle the entire time and was sitting patiently.

Once I was back to my semi abnormal state I took Sadie out and let her walk around a bit, do her "business" then I took Sophie out. Then we all got settled back into the car, none of the dogs moving while I put the tank back in the back, all three just sat their like angels. Phoebe did let me get her collar back on...she came to me, head down, tail tucked as if to say she was sorry...but "streaking" was just so much fun...Wouldn't all of those college guys be disappointed if they knew a blonde female was streaking the campus as they sat in class...