Saturday, December 8, 2012

Iced Tea and Backaches

When I woke up this morning it was cold and I couldn't get warm all day.  To top it off I had to go to the grocery store.  At first I was only going to stop at the Convenient store down the road but decided to head to the local grocery and if I could find a decent parking spot I'd go ahead on in. 

Fist I had to get Sophie outside which I did, it was foggy and cold and I couldn't get my fingers and toes warm.  I got everything ready to leave.  On my way to the convenient was when I changed m mind to check the grocery store.  Found a great spot right up front so I grabbed the extra tank and plopped it into the backpack just in case and headed in. 

Got a good basket, tossed the backpack in and entered the produce department,  They had some great looking bananas so I grabbed a bunch and the cucumbers although having gone up in price, looked very nice so I got three.  Grabbed a veggie tray and some bagged salad before heading for the dressing. 

I wasn't planning on getting those things but once there everything looked so good.  Went on down and got some black olives and then around to the dog food, then to the eggs and back for bacon when my back just above my right hip began hurting.  It felt as if the bone spurs  were poking into the nerves back there and it was all I could do to get through the checkout line to where I could sit fora few before getting the groceries into the car and home. 

Got home, Sophie was very interested in the "bounty" I had returned with and she wanted to go out again.  She noted that it was still foggy out and shuddered did her business then came back in.  I grabbed the mail, nothing, just junk (I was hoping some rich relative died and left me everything ...LOL)

Groceries put away, Sophie fed, I grabbed a banana noting that my fingers and toes are still cold, they say that it comes with Lupus, I used to get gloves because of my fingers but even with gloves and socks they have always been cold.  I think that over the years I've just gotten used to it enough that I don't realize it.  I fixed a large glass of instant iced tea and grabbed another banana.  Sophie decided she wanted some, yes bananas are okay for dogs, A good sweet treat for the both of us.

I was so tired after shopping that I took a break in the chair watching some television and fell asleep for about an hour.  So, here it is cold, and foggy and I'm drinking iced tea...makes sense?  Actually the cold tea makes my body go up a bit causing me to warm up.  but, yeah my fingers and toes are still cold. 

Because of my back/hip I had to cut the shopping short, didn't get the margarine or the bread or bagels but those can wait.   I can run to the Convenient to grab those things tomorrow.  Then on Monday I'll have to rest because my back and legs will be "toast" .  I could also use a massage in my neck/right shoulder, my clavicle/collarbone is in constant pain and it got worse when I was doing Physical Therapy.  My shoulder and upper back got better buy my neck/collarbone and upper thorax kept getting worse and they did nothing to help.   They even cause me headaches.  , yeah a good massage.