Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Had a lousy weekend.  Spent Saturday and Sunday vomiting.  Went to hospital Sunday afternoon for cat scan and other tests, but nothing was found.  Chalk it up either something I ate or a virus that has to run it's course. 

I am feeling better today.  Started eating again Tuesday, spent most of Monday sleeping and couldn't eat at all.  Today I am keeping food down, eating lightly of course and still taking meds for a queasy tummy.  Hopefully I'll continue to feel better as time goes on. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Crib

Been a busy week here at "the home".  Monday was quiet but Tuesday I had a test to check my swallowing so I could get back to eating "real"food.  Good news I passed the test, and am doing quite well now that I can eat.   Wednesday, I got moved to the"rehab" wing.  Room is a little bigger and it i easier to get around.  Today I had n appointment with the eye doctor,verdict, cataracts.   I ot a new prescription in lenses which will  be here next month and made arrant3m3n5w to be re=evaluated in six months.  I am i need of new lenses as these aren't working all that great any longer.  The thought of eye  surgery though kinds of worries me.  Oh well I have six months to get used to the idea and prepare myself.  No wonder things were looking "smoky" at times.  sigh

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stupid Human Tricks

David Letterman used to have a segment in his show called "Stupid Pet Tricks" this is my version; I was cleaning the filter and water bottle to my O2 machine.  I attached the bottle then the filter, unhooked my portable and put on the other cannula and wham I got a sinus full of water!  I fixed the problem soon as I recovered and thought all was okay.  Two days latr I was in the ER with aspiration pneumonia  and that night I n had to be given CPR and finally  a Trachiostomy.  So now I'm here in extended care.  Yes it was a Stupid Human Trick

Friday, October 18, 2013

Yes it has been quite a while.  I've been out of commission for ten months!  I am currently in an extended care due to my lungs.  I'll be writing more as I get more used to being online again

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So the shower I took opened everything up in my chest and back, let me know just where my aches and pains from the past few days actually were.  As if needing to be reminded was high on my list.  No lie that my wrists would like to thank me very much for moving the dryer away from the wall and my shoulders would love to let me know that they appreciated me trying to move it back. 

My sinuses opened up in the shower as well, letting me know I still had remnants of the Lavage by Cannula the other day still with me.  and of course my right elbow and hernia letting me know they say "hey" as well.  Hopefully Miss Sophie De Hour learned a little bit about chasing "critters" behind things as well.  If not, well that could bode unfavorably for her. 

As it is, this has been a wake up call to me, that yes I do need help around here.  Maybe once a week have someone come in and slap my hands on occasion when I wants to get to sedentary  But if the weather were warmer, if here was more sun than gray I'd want to get out more and walk Sophie.  I have just never been able to accustom myself to gray, dreary drizzly days, I need color I need to be drawn outside  I don't want to sit inside all day but when it's damp and cold yuck.  I spent most of my life s a beached whale, now you wan t me the swamps as a Manatee?

So as my nose and eyes continue to leak water and I continue to hack up water from my lungs.  I'm going to get ready for sleep and enjoy a restful peaceful sleep f r awhile.