Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Attack of the "Snow People" Has Begun

Well my sleep patterns are finally back to semi-normal.  I was able to fall asleep naturally last night after sitting and crocheting quietly.  Woke up @ 9:00 this morning.    I've been doing some research and have learned that the moon's phases do have more of an effect on me that I thought.   During the Waning phase I am usually more sedate with a fairly "normal" sleep pattern.  I am less energetic and I tend to need to bump up the flow rate of the oxygen every now and then.

During the waxing phase I become more energetic, my mind is going almost 24/7 and I have trouble sleeping.  This Sunday/Monday was the first time in years I had stayed up all night though and I had trouble getting to sleep the following night as well.  Finally had to use something that would put me to sleep.  A step I didn't want to take.

I felt so bad for Sophie because she was getting frustrated with me not coming to sleep and when I did get there my constant movement made her get down and go to her basket.  To top it off I found that the days I was awake the most the moon was in Aries which is opposite on the Zodiac from Libra...I found interesting the fact that , my ex husband's Astrological sign is Aries...Tonight a full moon.  What is that song?  "I see the moon and the moon sees me..."

We caught some snow Monday night/Tuesday morning.  I wasn't a happy camper about it.  Had to drag out the spent O2 tanks, so that the delivery guy could get them when he brought fresh tanks.  I ordered a couple more of each size because depending upon what I'm doing I've been running out.  As long as the ground isn't too wet and there is no rain (especially if it is a sunny day) I've been walking Sophie.

I've been doing a bit of rearranging things so I can pack up some stuff for moving.  things I won't be using until warmer weather because it looks like the cold is moving in.  I have my sweats, my jeans and I can always double up on the tees to keep me warm and this O2 machine puts out a lot of heat which I am not going to complain about right now...but during the summer.  I'm hoping I can maybe get a system with a battery pack for daytime use once I get moved.

So, Thanksgiving is over, no on to the next holidays, Solstice/Chanuka/Christmas/Kwanzaa/whatever else.  I'm not going to be going into Wal Mart for a while, too much craziness this time of year for me.  Besides they start the "Christmas" buying season way too early.  It began Right after School began.  Halloween was just a couple of aisles while Christmas has taken over the entire store.  Last time I picked up a prescription I was in line and the music playing was "Silent Night" I groaned and made a comment about the music, the man behind me chuckled so I turned around and asked "Did I miss Thanksgiving?"  He full out laughed.  It was barely two weeks after Halloween for crying out loud and they were playing Silent Night!   So I'll be buying Schwan's and smaller stores for my needs, my drugs I'll have mailed to me.  After the first of the year I'll venture back to Wally World.