Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sitting here waiting for coffee to brew, thinking about age.  After-all I'm going to be 60 next October.  Who thought I would make it this far huh?  Anyway I was thinking about what we are called as we age.  In our younger years we are newborns, infants, babies, children, kids, preteens, teens, young adults, young folks, then sir and ma'am as we move into our late 40s.  I was actually called "Ma'am" when I was in my 20s but that was because I was because I was on a Military establishment and was asking a question of a young cadet and that is part of the training there, to teach them discipline and respect even though it made me feel old and gray LOL. 

So there I was in my late 40s moving into my fifties accepting being called a "ma'am"   The older I got the less it bothered me.  I even chuckled at younger women would complain about being called "Ma'am" I would think to myself :just wait, someday it won't phase you".

Well the other day I got a new revaluation.  Here I am nearing 60 and it has happened more than once but now I'm being called "dear" I was at the store the other day,m reaching for something when a much younger woman came up behind, "Here let me get you that dear" she said.  Then a few days after that one of the store clerks said "How are you feeling dear?"  Yes it is official I am now no longer Miss, Ms, Ma'am I am now "Dear".  Yes I will accept this one too because with this one comes the fact that I don't have to explain any of it anymore.  If I get into trouble "Oh that's okay dear we will just clean it all up"   As I am being redirected with that maniacal look on my face, giggling in side like a schoolgirl!--