Friday, December 28, 2012

So I have spent this afternoon connecting with my family.  Called and spoke with My cousins Nick and Carol.  It was so good hearing their voices.  Sorry Nick if my call interrupted a meeting but Hell doesn't freeze over that much LOL

Actually I had been on my way to get blood work done but with that much ice on my windshield and me with the O2 tanks I just can't do it.  So I'm searching for a new Primary Provider here in town who can possibly send someone out to take it like a  home health aid, because my current primary isn't up to the task. 

Yes I should have had the blood work done prior to winter however I didn't have the money and with no insurance I couldn't pay for it before now.  Now that I can pay for it I can't get to where to go to have it done and no one is willing to help.  So I will have to find a new provider.

So I came in and called my cousins, gave my cousin Carol a jolt because she says I sound like my mother.  My mother passed about four years ago?  But it's all water under the bridge.  Life is what it is.  Now to contact the new provider and see if I can book myself in.