Friday, January 4, 2013

---Had a fairly decent nap.  Just woke up.  Needed that nap before I killed Sophie.  She's been getting her little self into a lot of trouble lately and getting on my last nerve.  She almost made it today with her little tricks;  I have been on and off flaring lately and my health hasn't been all that great because of it.  I am in need of blood wok on top o f it so I'm not in all that great of shape but I'm moving on as they say. 

Sophie has been a bit of a trouble maker getting into things and had gotten herself into minor scrapes like getting stuck outside under the car where I've had to go out and get her and it all culminated into me having to pull the dryer out fro the wall today so I could get her out from behind! 

Last week she got on my desk and knocked down the bowl of treats I have up here for when she does her business outside and comes in.  She enjoys them so they are "special" for when she does it all outside (Occasionally I will find poop on the bathroom floor, can't really say to much because it is the Bathroom floor only you know).  Not only did she knock this bowl down but she managed to get the lid off and eat all of the treats therefore emptying the dish before it's time and having to wait until I make another  dog food run next week. 

So she has been in search of anything that may have fallen on the floor while I have been fixing my meals and has chased some to under the stove fridge and of course washer and dryer.  Until today where she ran up and chased possibly a moue with a morsel behind the the dryer and got her little bootee stuck.  I was in there fixing myself a big "gulp" of water and heard her little whine had to go in and grab a tank pf O2 and boost it way up and set with it getting as much as I could so I could go in there and move the damn machine! 

And the doctor's office won't send someone out to help me with my car when I need to get bloodworm done.  Can you figure out why I would want to change primary providers?  Well I'm hungry right now, Sophie is too so I'm going to go get us some food and turn on some Judge Judy, want to join us?

Sophie Stay stay the hell out of trouble!!!