Friday, November 9, 2012

Weather is getting colder, hands are hurting more often.  If I were strong enough I'd probably we missing my lower right arm because just below the elbow where it was broken is in constant pain and there is a nice "lump" just barely viable there.  My fingers get so cold.

Oh, I didn't tell you about my "Help I've fallen" moment the other morning.  After my expierence with the flea spray (Dummy me) I switched chairs and everything was fine for awhile.  I remembered that the other chair had a problem with the back and that if I moved in a certain way I could wind up with my feet in the air and my head on the ground and having to do a backward somersault to fix the problem.  So I was just waking up the other morning, stretched my body fhead to toes with my arms above my head and yeppers it happened...t

So I had to do the back somersault then ease myself up with the aid of the stairs/newel post.  I was dizzy at first but once my head cleared I got the chair back to "normal", I continued to use it for a couple more nights but decided to switch back to the other chair just because knowing me I'd be doing it again and I'm in enough pain as it is.  Yes the accident hurt, my neck has been paying the price and my lower back hasn't been happy either.

Election day has come and gone.  It's another four years of Obama, I'm not happy about it but at least I dont' have to worry about my Medicare for four years.  After finally getting health insurance that doesn't cost $500 a month it would really upset me to wind up losing it.  What is there for folks like me to do?  Because of pre existings regular insurance would be out of hand, even the state issued insurance is over $300 a month.  But I guess those of us in need are supposed to slide under a rock somewhere ad die.

So, what's up with this, lately I've been craving chicken broth/soup.  I even woke up at 3:00 this morning craving it in my dream!  I'm sitting her finishing off a mug at this moment in fact.  Well chicken and rice/stars is sort of a "comfort food" for me so I guess that has something to do with it.

I finished another afghan and after I get it washed up I'm going to take photos of all of them then put them on Celtic Wych's site for sale.  I figure a flat rate of $25 each would be good...even offer "specials" from time to time a reduced rate when two or more are purchased.  I have all of this yarn (and of course I'll be getting more LOL) and I love doing these things but what do I do with them after I complete a project?  I'm one person and I've given so many of them away over the years.  Time to make a little money on them.

I do not like the time change.  I don't like having to turn the lights on so early in the day.  It starts getting dusky around 4:00.  It is actually kind of depressing since it is already the gray time of year and with the gray of dusk...gotta have color.  Besides I start getting sleepy as it gets dark and gloomy.  I am already looking forward to Spring and we haven't even been hit with winter yet...