Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twice a Day

For those who have dogs that seem to always be cold, or frightened.  You know, they seem to shiver all the time.   It is what gives Chihuahuas the reputation for being timid little dogs.  When in reality they aren't.  Try feeding your dogs more than once a day.  I learned the hard way.

What the shivering might indicate is a drop in blood sugar.    Chihuahuas are prone to Hypoglycemia (something I was unaware of), and can go into Hypoglycemic shock, coma and pass away, like my sweet Phoebe.

Had I fed her and Sophie twice a day, once in the morning/early afternoon and once in the evening, she would still be here pestering Sophie and thinking she was the boss of everybody.  Instead I did as I always have been and fed both dogs in the evening, just prior to my own dinner.  

Consequently Phoebe always seemed to be cold/skittish always shaking.  It had never dawned on me to feed more than once, I have always feed my dogs once a day. and I paid the price.

Now I feed Sophie twice a day,   Late morning/early afternoon, not a lot, a small handful .  Total for the day she doesn't get more than a half cup of food a day because I don't want her gaining a lot of weight.

By feeding twice a day, this also ensures that I eat semi regularly. because when I feed Sophie I'll grab a light snack for myself, keeping my own blood sugar at normal levels.

So, keep your dogs healthy and feed twice a day for smaller dogs and three times a day for the larger ones.  Don't forget to exercise them and yourselves, and give them lots of love and attention.