Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It was Alice Cooper

Who sang, "Welcome to my nightmare" Well mine was today.  Last night before turning out the lights and calling it a night I set the clock to get up and go get my blood.   work done.  It was a fasting test so I figured that since I was tired before midnight I'd just snuggle in and go straight to the lab when I woke up in the morning.  I wasn't planning on Sophie up shaking and biting at herself enough to get me wide awake and frustrated to find that again she had fleas!

So, this morning, instead of going for blood work I headed in the direction of Pet Co down the highway a couple miles.  Now I don''t usually go to Pet Co due to the fact that I went there looking for dog bedding once and everything I looked at was stained with urine!  It would be bad enough for my own dog to piss on her bedding but to bring it home already in that condition and after paying $30 for it?  I don't think so.  But I was trying to save myself a bit of money since they had the same products as Pet Smart for $2 less and I was getting a number of items, I could save myself $10, almost a half a take of gas!

I was quite surprised to see that the Pet Co store was no longer there (when did that happen?) and I had to admit it was frustrating.  Now I had to turn around and head back down in the other direction to Pet Smart to get the items anyway.  I would have gone to Pet Supplies but they don't have the products I was looking for  So there I was looking through Pet Smart trying to read the tiny labels knowing I had already wasted half a tank of oxygen just getting there.  Found what I needed, went through check out, to the car and home.

I got everything put away, re read labels and then proceeded to get the bathroom prepared because first thing, Sophie was getting a bath.  I came out of the bathroom and grabbed the carpet/upholstery spray and sprayed the carpet and furniture good just prior to heading into the bathroom with Sophie.  I decided to get in with her thinking I could maintain control a little easier...until she jumped out of the tub...I got her back in side, finished wetting her down from before she jumped out and scolded her.  Shampooed her, sat and waited a few minutes while the medication worked , rinsed her and bundled her into a towel so I could maintain control while I did the rest.

I don't know if the medication burns her as it goes on but for some reason Sophie does not like the replant that goes on at the neck and is squeezed on down towards the tail,nonetheless she was "tied" up and couldn't get loos and couldn't try to bite to get away so she just sighed and waited for me to get done.  I held her long enough for the medicine to sink into the scalp then I added the flea collar.  Brand new out of the wrapper I got it on her, got it adjusted snipped off the extra and tossed it.  Then I let Sophie go and she was so relieved LOL.  I did give her a treat which she obviously figured she deserved by the way she grabbed it then after making short work of her treat she went to her basket (good thing I sprayed it  earlier) and demanded to be covered, (clean blanket) and I complied   She will be hiding out for the rest of the day and evening, coming out long enough to eat...I'd better make it a good dinner huh?

Hopefully tomorrow I can make the run to the lab and feed the Vampires early..