Sunday, November 25, 2012

I started this earlier today...

Drinking coffee, finishing my toast, I was awake all night. Oh yes, I was tired. So, I grabbed a clean blanket fresh from the dryer, set the Roku for Netflix and "Private Practice" while I drifted off to sleep.  My sleep shades were on, Sophie was next to me in the chair, I reclined, I closed my eyes, I started to drift and then WHAM!  I was wide awake, my brain was going a mile a minute.  I don't know about any of you but when my braid does that I start seeing "visions" of thoughts, ideas going through my head and I can't sleep until I do something with those thoughts.  So I posted on my blog about Moon phases and how they effect me

After posting I still wasn't tired so I played a couple of games and took a couple of Calms and in a little while I was feeling sleepy, so back to my chair, back to the program, back to my blanket.  Sophie sat with me again snuggled up under the blanket.  I put on my sleep shades again, reclined, again,  started to doze off and my legs started tingling and feeling "jumpy" then they were cramping so again the Hylands leg cramp pills and restless leg pills as well.  Then I had to go to the bathroom.

Back to the chair and by now it was after 4:00am and I just kept clicking my Roku for more Private Practice.  Finally at 7:30 I gave up and took Sophie outside.  Came back in and went from Netflix to Hulu until I realized that what I was watching on Hulu I had already seen twice and made a mental note to myself to delete it from y queue when I got online (I'm going to have to do that soon).  Next I fixed a pot off coffee, went back to Netflix for another Private Practice in the middle of PP I decided to use my nebulizer, got the shakes, went in poured a shaky cup of coffee, fixed some toast.  Took me a few times just to get the fake butter onto the toast my hands were so shaky .

So here it is now after 3:00 and yeah I'm still awake.  I thought I might be able to nap a bit this afternoon for that didn't happen.  I've had Pandora going on the television for awhile now, still nothing.   After I feed Sophie dinner and I have a nibble I'm going to take a very warm relaxing shower with my "sleep inducing" body wash, take my relaxation pills, Watch some ION television while I crochet and hopefully fall asleep.  I also have some sleep inducing room spray that I'll use on the blanket and the chair, and perhaps my crocheting as well.  And my sleep mask, I could spray them all before I take the shower.

I could also use some Vick's Vapocream that usually soothes my muscles as well.  And then I look and read further on the lunar page that the moon waxing is in Aries from the 23rd until tomorrow...Shannon's father is an Aries.  Come on all you Astrologers would the fact that the waxing moon is in Aries have something to do with my being "Up All Night?"  I think I'm going to have to start watching the moon more closely...