Sunday, November 25, 2012

In The Wee Hours

I have come to see just how "attached" my life is to the moon.   When I was younger I just thought I was what they call a "Night Owl"  I could stay up and party all night long and sleep through sun rise.  Get up in the late morning/early afternoon and stay up and party all night long again.

But then there were times when I'd be so totally exhausted day in and day out that coffee in gallons wouldn't have kept me away.

I was once told by a self proclaimed astrologist/psychic/reader that I was a "Child of the Moon", she said my choice of animals proved a part of it.  I have always been drawn to wolves and can't imagine my life without a Canine companion.  But really is that proof?

Could it be that my staying up through the night is that my inner spirit is governed by the moon?  But what about my need for sunlight?  For bright vibrant colors?  Ahhh but I also like the darker deeper hues as well.

When it comes to colors I am all over that rainbow.  I love the soft pastels of spring, minty greens but then I also love the deep rain forest colors and the moss greets.  but then baby pink is comfy too.  When it comes to reds though I like the deep bluer ones, the pomegranates, the cranberries.  I'm not an orangey or yellow person, and eww pea green?

But then, look at the moon isn't it sort of a soft pale, pastel yellow?  Yes I can handle that tint of yellow, cream color..  And the stars, silvery like glitter, oh good lord next thing you know I'm going to e talking about Unicorns...

Then, I do have a "dark side"  I have always enjoyed Disney's villains more than I have the Princesses, even though the villains never win there is something about their dark nature that draws me to them.  Something about how they always seem to come out at night...

So, what got me to thinking all of this lunacy (another reference to the moon). Was a few months ago I started keeping sort of keeping track of my sleepless nights and the moons phases, and sure enough, it seems as if my sleepless nights fall during the waxing phase of a full moon. when I am more tired than usual.

And there you have it, why they call it Lupus...another reference to the moon...