Friday, November 2, 2012

First, Some Hot cocoa

It is damp and it's cold and I spent most of the overly gray morning curled up with Sophie in the chair snoozing getting up long enough to go to the bathroom then back under the afghan.  Now up and about I need to figure out a place to put the O2 machine where I can actually hear if it goes off and it won't be in the way.

Dozing in the chair last night it went off and I didn't hear it too well at first.  Sophie came running in from the kitchen whining and frantic.  When I felt no oxygen I realized there was a problem and heard the beep.  I first assessed that the power wasn't out and grabbed my phone in case I had to make an emergency call to the company I rent from.

I went in to check on the machine and hit the reset button, still the beep.  I turned it off  waited 20 seconds then back on, still beep.  Running out of energy and getting light headed I took a deep breath (well as deep as I could), and I leaned over to check the plug...machine was unplugged.   Sophie sometimes gets a little "wild" in her play and I can only deduce that she was "break dancing" and hit the cord and the plug slipped.  She was all apologetic and shaky thinking she was in trouble.  I moved the machine to another outlet temporarily and let Sophie know she wasn't in trouble.

Now I just have to gather the motivation to clear out the area I want to put the machine in plus that will give me a space to put the tanks as well so they are out of the way.....I think it is pretty much a given that when we have multiple days of gray, damp, cold weather I tend to suffer mild bouts of depression.  Not bad enough to medicate but enough to slow me down.  Once the sun is out and there is light and a bit of color I begin to perk up.

One might think that as a night owl I would enjoy the gloom of the damp gray weather.  But even night has a certain amount of brightness to it where the clouds are gone.  You can see the bright stars, the moon in all of her phases,   Even street lights seem brighter.  It doesn't feel so "closed in" as it does with the clouds, overcast, gray and damp.

So, over there is where I want to put my machine, and next too it on the left side the full tanks, and on the right the spent tanks.  Yes this I will do today.  But first...

Hot cocoa.