Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Do you know what is truly not fun?  Having a reaction to flea spray/medication that you have used on furniture and fabrics.  How would I know you ask?  I had such a reaction.

Yes, Sophie presented with more fleas.  Just when I get rid of them all she winds up with more!  After going through all that with the bathing in flea bath, the flea collar etc, etc, etc,  They were gone.  Then after Sandy blows through she goes outside to do her business and they are back!   Of course she is getting them from the yard and that flea collar didn't help.

So I went to the pet  store and got another collar and a more expensive medication which she wasn't at all happy with and I repeated what I did Sunday.  I also remembered that I had a bug spray in the kitchen that I had gotten months I read the label and yeah it helped get rid of fleas!

I sprayed it on the comforter Sophie and I use, and I sprayed it in our chair.  I even sprayed her since it said it was okay to do so as long as it didn't get in their eyes...she was facing away from me and I sprayed her backside.

After I got it all done, everything tossed or put away I was tired so I curled up under the comforter in the chair...yeah it was still a bit damp so I grabbed the heating paid to help warm things up and dry them and went to sleep...

Two hours later I was up hacking and coughing and had a burning sensation over exposed areas of my body/arms hands, feet and lower legs.  I tried to get up but Sophie was like dead weight and wouldn't move.  I finally had to shove her off my lap!   My nose and eyes were burning so I rushed to the bathroom, turned on the shower and jumped in!

I jumped in, clothes and all and stripped down in the shower.  It wasn't easy, sweatpants and tees stick to the body when wet but I got them all off.  I had already pulled the cannula off my face and was letting the water run in my face eyes wide open.  I just stood there, knowing exactly what happened, washed myself down, got out, grabbed a towel and found my pjs and put them on.

I sat up for awhile just to calm down, fixed up the other chair to sleep in moved things around and exhausted fell back into it with a sheet and afghan after taking the comforter to the laundry room to be washed at a later time.  I took the wet clothes and placed them into the washer, ran the dry because there were clothes in there.

Now I'm spending today just relaxing, in fact slept until after 2:00pm!   I don't care, that wasn't a happy thing and I'm not feeling all that great now.  For now, it's feeding time for Sophie and I'm going to curl back up In the chair and rest.  Happy Halloween everyone