Saturday, October 13, 2012

Okay I am hurting.... and I'm hoping I didn't break something because I don't know how I'll make it to the doctor if I did...

For the most part the day went pretty well.  Quite windy and chilly but at least no rain and there was lots of sun.  I managed to get the AC out of the window yesterday and had to turn the heat on because the mornings are getting way cold.  Even had to slide into my new sweat pants and I ordered another two pair as well.

Still flaring but feeling a bit better than yesterday so I decided to take Sophie for a short walk.  I got my sneakers on, got my tank ready then had to go to the bathroom.

That's when my accident happened.  My shoelace had come untied I stepped on it and tripped myself while going into the bathroom and I wound up smacking my left hip and knee on the outside of the tub and the top half of my body landed in the tub smacking my right arm om the inside "wall" of the tub.

I felt okay right after, got myself back up.  did what I needed to do, tied my shoe again pulled up my pants, came out of the bathroom turned off my O2 machine, cleaned the filter, grabbed the backpack with the tank opened the tank up wide, hitched Sophie up and away we went.

I was fine walking, a bit shaken but we made it to the curb and then I turned around.  I let Sophie explore a bit before she got down to business then we came in, I gave her a treat, sat down with the crocheting  for awhile.  Got up to feed Sophie, made myself some dinner then played a couple of games.

I took Sophie back out but when I sat in my chair outside I felt pain in my left thigh, kind of a "hot" cramp .  Once inside and Sophie's treat I sat to watch "The Big Bang Theory" and when I sat I felt the pain again.  Then the pain started going down in my knee...I imagine there is going to be one hell of a bruise back there, I don't have a hand mirror so I can see what is going on back there.

My back hurts as well...Tomorrow is not going to be a good day.