Friday, October 19, 2012

Yeah it was my birthday yesterday.  I managed to get out, get to Wal Mart, had to pick up my prescriptions. I also did a bit of shopping. Got some chocolate cupcakes with rainbow icing.

 I was also able to get Sophie out on a brief walk after the shopping. Day before Sophie and I took a drive and I got a burger with bacon and I even sprung for a burger for her. She was treated to her own burger and a few fries with her dinner...she of course liked it. Today it's rainy and a bit chilly. I

 have a pair of my new sweat pants on. They are nice, soft, warm. I also ordered another two pair, they will come in handy with the chillier weather. Yes I am still flaring on and off. I sleep through most of one day so I can get out the day after and do things that need to get done. From here on in I'm going to rest for the rest of the weekend and then get back to work on Monday...get to my bedroom so I can maybe start sleeping in there again. ...yes that will take me most of the week to accomplish.  So I'd better get lots of sleep.