Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am flaring today.  I was awake all night and early morning Tuesday/Wednesday coughing and hacking up my lungs.  On the right of my chest front and back it hurts.  I've done the warm shower thing to break up the mucus which is of course clear, no infection thank goodness.  I'm going through liquids like crazy.  Lots of chicken broth, green tea and water, water, water

This morning the coughing was under control but because of the irritation to the airways it is hard to breathe.  I've been using the heating pad to make my back feel better and I keep vicksing my chest which is soothing.  I could use some on my back as well but no one here to do the honors...NO I'm not going to ask Sophie to do it.

I've been cruled up with Sophie in my chair most of the day along with my inhaler.  I'm noping this is a short lived flare and due to the over exertion of the past week where I've been getting the kitchen taken apart and put back together.  It is actually looking pretty good in there.  I've moved the fridge and the microwave..  I'm going back to my chair now...