Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sitting here listening to Sandy trying to beat down the door and the windows.  Power went out for a few minutes a little while ago.  I'm not planning on going to sleep until this part of the storm is over.  I just want to be sure I am awake if power goes out again.  What can I say, yeah I am a bit scared.  I don't like when I hear that machine going Beep beep, especially when I have very little portable O2 left.

I'm supposed to get a delivery tomorrow so If I can stay awake until then I can go to sleep and if the beeping starts I'll at least have portables to back me up for awhile.   So far though it hasn't been bad, just a lot of wind and rain.

I feel kind of bad for the couple next door.  They spent the entire weekend working on getting Halloween decorations up, they had a "cemetery" scene along with that artificial webbing.  They even had a "body" wrapped up in the webbing.  Then they had to turn around and take it all down because Sandy would have tossed everything around and damaged property and cars.

Ugh I had to give Sophie a flea bath last night.  Yeah while I was flaring...I was petting her belly and found four of those buggars, I did a search of her all over but only found the four so up into the tub she went.  She doesn't like having to stand there with the soap on.   This morning I had to get to Wal Mart early to load up on a few "provisions" and while there I got a flea collar for the Sophemeister.  She is fine now, not happy about the flea collar but she feels better and that was the idea.

Of course going to Wally World gave me a headache, there was this kid who was screaming from when I entered the store, I wasn't there long but she screamed the entire time at her mother "I don't want this, I don't want that" and screaming, and screaming!  Her and her mother were at the end of an aisle I was on and I just rolled my eyes and out loud said "Good grief put a damn sock in it!"  An older gentleman in the aisle heard me and began to chuckle and said he was thinking pretty much the same thing!  Other shoppers were just nodding.  I was so glad to get out of there.  Even if some of what I wanted to get wasn't on the shelves...

Went to see what was going on at Cafe'Mom, sites is down...funny people are messing Cafe Mom complaining about it, wondering why the server is down...DUH you think any of them listen to the news?  Their Servers are in New York...New York is underwater right now... Dumb asses!  So who are you voting for President?