Saturday, September 22, 2012

What better way to start the first day of Autumn than with a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte' from Starbuck's?  I thank Shannon for the $25 gift card.  I stopped off on my way home from picking up my prescription at Wal Mart and boy did I need it!

I don't know what happens to people's brains when they get in that store but it seems that a great many get sucked out by the time they clear the second entrance door!  The only ones with the brains seem to be those of us on the riders.

As I was going in I noticed there were no riders, and just as I was about to head to the other end a person on a rider came up and we made a trade.  I helped her get her things into the push cart I had she helped me get the O3 tank into the rider and we thanked each other and parted ways.

I had very few things to get while I was there, some sugar, snack cakes and chips, through out the store I was met with ill mannered basically stupid folks.  I had was run into by three pushcarts and had to literally yes EXCUSE ME to a group that was obviously holding a Clan meeting in the middle of an aisle.  

Going down another aisle I was about to get up to grab an item when this older guy and his wife (?) came along and the guy literally slammed into the rider head on!  The woman smacked him one and told him to watch what he was doing, he apologized saying he didn't see me....c'mon, if you can't see a beached whale on a mobility scooter right in front of you then it's time you got that white cane and a dog! 

The second time was when I was going down the toothpaste/brush aisle, I had stopped to read the back of a box, the guy ahead of me moved to the front of his cart reached for something but couldn't get it , he clearly saw me there and instead of asking if I could back up (which I gladly would have  done), he just pushes the cart again right into me!  I put the item I was looking at into my basket and left.  As I rode past him he mumbled something that I couldn't hear.  

Third time I was waiting to pick up my prescription.  Woman with a tribe got behind me, kids were whining that they were bored, they wanted treats, they were thirsty, why did they have to wait.  Just as I was called next I heard her call to one of the kids to leave the cart alone and just as I was about to pull forward that basked slammed me in the back!  The force was so hard that I lunged forward and almost hit my chin on the controls of the scooter!  

I whirled around and glared at the woman, the kid was laughing and she began apologizing and admonishing the laughing kid.  I told he she should curb her pets and then went on to pick up my prescription and pay for my items.  The girl at the counter wanted to know if I wanted to fill out an accident report and she apologized and said that the manager was on her way over because she had called.  

I declined the accident report stating I just wanted to get out of the zoo and home to safety, I'd had enough.  The manager showed up, the girl at the counter told the story the manager asked if I was okay and did I want to fill out an accident report.  Again I declined with a thank you and went on my way.  As I turned the corner I noticed the manager was speaking to the woman with the tribe.  She didn't look too happy.

On the way home I stopped at Starbuck's order my Pumpkin Spice Latte and on the way home I enjoyed it's warm creamy flavor, savoring every sip   I wish Starbuck's delivered.