Friday, September 21, 2012

Well Sophie has adjusted to being "Only dog" she will spend part of the night in her basket sleeping and then after I've done my late night bathroom break she will curl up with me..   I don't mind, it's nice to have her snuggle in with me.

She loves the walks we go on and we have gotten to the stop sign up on the corner and back when I crank the O2 saturation way up.  If we go out around 3:00pm she does all of her "business"  and gets a nice treat for it.

There are things I need to get done around here but am taking one more lazy weekend to recoup from the flare this time around.  It was a bit worse than usual because the weed pollen has been very high and that along with the humidity hasn't helped.

Because of the pain in my neck and upper back I've had to stop using the computer so much.  It's nice though because now Sophie sits with me and we watch television while I work on the afghan I'm crocheting.  It has gotten to where I have to switch out though, go from one to the other when I start hurting.  Pain management...

The weather is turning and soon I'm going to have to drag the AC out of the window again.  I dread having to turn the heat on.  That's one good thing about the O2 machine, it puts out enough heat that I don't need to use the head as much.  Bad thing is you don't want to see my electric bill!  I don't want to see my electric bill!

Shannon has been working on her driving which means we are on the road to getting me to Texas hopefully not to far away.  My lungs will thank me for getting them out of the humidity, my joints will thank me for getting them out of the dampness and my bones will thank me for getting them out of the icy winds.  I won't miss the warping floors, I'm not going to go through any real strict cleaning measure.  I know he is just waiting for me to leave so he can gut this place.  

He won't evict me or ask me to leave because he doesn't want to feel guilty so  I'm sure he will be relieved when I'm gone LOL.  He can get in here and  really fix this place up,  I've heard him talking to his cousin that he wants to put in a bathroom upstairs off the bedroom and that would be a good thing,   I also know he wants to change the heating system to electric, it's gas now.  I'm going to leave the Washer and dryer here, or give them to charity and let Shannon take them off her taxes.

Right now the pain is coming up in my neck/upper back/shoulder area so I'm going to run off and crochet for awhile.  I am so looking forward to being where it is dryer and warmer and I can spend more time walking Sophie even in the winter.