Monday, September 17, 2012

I want to wish my Sophie a happy"birthday" Well it has been about a year since she and Phoebe came to me.  Now that her and I have gotten past the trauma of losing Phoebe who will forever be in our hearts, we can move on.

The weather has been pretty good here so we've been going on our walks.  I made it to the stop sign today.  Something I had yet to do before today.  It will be so nice when we reach Texas and we can walk longer distances.

Anyway today we are "celebrating" Sophie being here a year.  Shannon sent gifts.  Two new bowls for food and water, a new harness that I had to bribe Sophie into.  Dentasticks that I used to bribe Sophie with.  She also got a fold able cloth bowl for water when on the road and some moist wipes for when she is dirty but can't take a bath, usually due to my back health.

The harness doesn't bother her and she seemed to enjoy the wipes when I sued them on her belly.  I will be taking photos after while (I have to scare up batteries for my camera), but she will be having dinner in her new bowls.  And yes she will be getting something "special" with dinner tonight.

My health is getting better.  I decided to do a detox yesterday only taking in liquids and I pretty much purged my bod of the junk that it was harboring.  Lots of tea, lots of broth , the puffiness in my hands and feet is gone and yes I do feel better although tired from the diarrhea I had for two days

My neck and upper back hurt from the coughing and sneezing I've been doing due to the pollen floating around.  Weed pollen is high grass was moderate so of course the yard guy had to come and mow making the grass pollen even worse for me.  My eyes are still watering.  We have high winds warning now although it isn't bad outside, wasn't bad when we had our walk.

There is a very nice breeze coming in and that feels good. We are in for rain tomorrow, not something I"m looking forward to because that means humidity.

Right now, I gotta go get Sophie's dinner started...hmmm maybe some cheese tonight...By the way...Sophie wants to thank Shannon and Sadie for the great gifts and she can't wait to see them in Texas!