Saturday, September 15, 2012

I did some research into what killed Phoebe and have come to the conclusion that if I hadn't given her oxygen that day she became ill she would have been dead by the time we got to the Veterinarians.  Turns out she was in a hypoglycemic coma, I remember the doctor asking if she was hypoglycemic.  I said not that I knew of which was true

Turns out that Chihuahuas are prone to Hypoglycemia and they have seizures, I didn't cause the problem though, she had to have had i since very  young, like Lupus it can lie dormant until something triggers it.  One of the triggers is stress...something Phoebe knew fairly well in her young life.  When I read this it broke my heart to know I maybe have been able to prevent it some how, but it wasn't my fault, I was taking care of my dog the way I have always taken care of her and the life she had was the trigger.
I gave her a good life for the length that it was I just wish it could have been longer and better for her.

Meanwhile, Sophie and I went to the Post Office this morning.  I had to get more stamps.  Boy it took me a bit to get myself in there.  I don't know where I lost it but the washer went MIA so I had to switch compressors, ugh.

Got my stamps and had a hard time getting back into school and some moron in a hurry to get by had to honk.  So once inside the car, getting a couple of moments of air, someone passes by and honks again!  Yeah I know, "old lady on oxygen get your ass outta da way."..

And wouldn't you know that all the allergens are high today.  Not to mention I didn't get much sleep last night, this old body just would not shut down finally I feel asleep sometime after 3am.  So after sneezing like crazy after Sophie and I came in from our walk I had to take an allergy pill.  I am now tired, my nose is stuffy from all the blowing and sneezing.  I need to use my nebulizer because of the allergens.  So I'm vegetating...might vegetate tomorrow too.