Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well my flare has pretty much ran it's course.  I woke very refreshed this morning.  Just a hint of a back ache so I got dressed and headed out to Wal Mart to get the things I was unable to get on Sunday.  It was a good day weather wise and a good day in the store because the crowds hadn't started their rounds so I was in and out rather quickly

I also some how got into a line with a fairly intelligent cashier because when I told her my EBT card was only good for $16 she told me to run it first and she took off the $16 which left me with just $26 for the rest that came off my debit/card.  got it all out to the car,  Got home, hooked up Sophie and we did our walk.

Nice day outside even though a bit on the warm side but Sophie did both "jobs" outside and got some special treat for doing so.  She watched as I got the groceries put away and then we sat together for a bit.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again, maybe we can do a longer walk.  I'm thinking of doing some sun tea tomorrow as well.  I loved iced green tea and it will be so good in the evening.

Right now I have the fans going but will be turning them off and kicking back to do some crocheting after I take Sophie out.