Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Having a flare when you're by yourself can be difficult to say the least.  I woke up this morning in pain from my head to my toes.  I took Sophie out, got the tanks to the porch, had some breakfast and a half hour later I was sleeping again.

I woke up to the Batman Movie on ION, took Sophie outside, got the mail, junk of course.  Sat down to watch the rest of the movie, almost fell asleep when the O2 delivery came, I drag in the tanks and the fresh cannulas, signed the receipt then had to bring then all inside...

I had to turn on the AC because of the humidity.  I'm really feeling miserable.

I got up to get some iced tea and make myself a snack and it was all I could do to stand up.  I got dizzy walking into the kitchen even.   I get waves of total weakness and lethargy.  I hope this passes soon.

My snack is my own recipe for Chex Mix.  Rice and corn chex in a bowl with popcorn oil, any oil will do of course but I have the popcorn oil so figured I'd use it.  Some garlic powder and some cheddar cheese powder.  Mixed together then some buttery cooking spray, into the microwave for 29 seconds and viola...chex mix the way I like it.

My eyes don't want to stay open and I'm going to be asleep again soon.  Sophie keeps looking at me as if to ask if I'm feeling okay.  She came up into the chair a while ago to snuggle and cuddle.  The Vet clinic I took Phoebe to called to say her ashes were ready.  I'll go pick them up tomorrow.  I'll take Sophie with me, she can wait in the car while I go get Phoebe's cremains.

Right now, I'm going to finish my snack and my tea and sleep some more...