Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flaring a little worse today because I haven't slept much.  Humidity was 91% last night so I didn't get to sleep until after the sun started coming up.  Finally got about four hours but that wasn't nearly enough but with the humidity I can't breathe as well and the air is just hanging there, no breeze, birds don't even sing/chirp on days like this.

So no undercutting for me today, I'll rest up today and get back to work tomorrow.  Sophie and I went to pick  up Phoebe's ashes yesterday.  They gave us a really nice box and a velveteen pouch with her ashes inside a plastic bag in it.   Yes I teared up and felt numb coming home.

Sophie behaved pretty well on the ride.  It took some forceful "Nos" to get her to understand that she couldn't sit in my lap while I was driving but she finally caught on and she was happy riding "shotgun" She enjoyed looking out the window , but got a bit "antsy " when we had to stop for a light.   We made it home in one piece, I fed Sophie and myself then I did some de-cluttering and finally called it a day.

I've started up a new crochet project, I belong to a group on Face book that has a "store" and after I get settled in Texas I'm going to start selling my afghans.  They will be reasonably priced nothing over $30 and just two basic patters.  I'm not out to make a million bucks, just to recoup some of the cost for yarn, because I enjoy crocheting, a moderately lucrative hobby.

I don't want to embark on any new ventures here because I'm going to need to be able to store not only the merchandise but shipping materials as well.  Who knows, maybe I'll even branch out and sell on EBay.  Maybe  Shannon can come on board with her jewelry making as well.  I do have a few  items that could be sold now that she has made...I'll have to run that by her.

For now, I'm going to nibble on home made chex mix and play a few games, take Sophie out and back in and just vegetate today, it' is a good day for vegetation LOL