Sunday, September 2, 2012

Well Sophie and I are on the mend.   I've gone over and over in my head the events of the day that took Phoebe from us and I can't figure out what may have happened.   I am a firm believe that when it is time it is time an I guess this was just Phoebe's time.  I am just glad that I was able to give her a good home for the time she was here, and that I enjoyed her company.

Sophie and I have begun a new bonding period.  She no longer looks for Phoebe.  She gets into the chair and will sit there for awhile, then back to her basket.  I think because she never really stayed in the chair to begin with.   She would get up into it for a few  minutes but then back into her basket.

Sophie has also become very loving.  Something I realize was always inside her but Phoebe was the dominant so Sophie kind of stood back.  Which is why Sophie spent much of her time in her basket rather than with me.  I guess Phoebe kind of "hindered" Sophie's true personality and now it is shining through!

Mornings as soon as she sees that I'm awake Sophie jumps into my lap and starts with the morning "kisses"  She waits for me as I go to the bathroom then heads to the front door for her "potty time" .   Throughout the day every time I go to the bathroom she waits and then runs to the door to go out herself.

She seems happier, the tail is almost always going, the only time it stops is when she's asleep, she bounces around much like a puppy...How funny that she would be so standoffish almost untouchable and now blossom.  

Yes Phoebe we will always love you, and miss you.  We know you are there with Max and Pebbles and you wait for us to join you in the future.  I know you watch over Sophie and are her guardian angel.  She will do right by her well.