Friday, September 7, 2012

Well it turned out to be quite a day for Sophie and myself.  
I did a little "puttering" around here after waking up late.  I got tired and so I sat and crochet a little while watching television.

Since Domino's was having a special , on their large two topping pizzas, carry out.  So I got everything ready, the tanks to get me there and back, I ordered online and decided to let Sophie ride along.  She got so excited that even before I was ready to go she was at the door.

I grabbed my keys and made it to the door with Sophie  trying to drag me out.  Locked the door behind me, got to the car, Sophie in, back pack with tanks in and off we went. to pick up dinner.

It was quite humid so I kept the air conditioner on in the car, not hot but that humidity is horrid.  Found a good parking spot, grabbed the back pack with tanks while Sophie tired to get out, I cracked the window and went in.  Got the pizza, it was ready when I walked in and the guy recognized me and brought it over, I signed the
CC slip and back to the car. , less than 5 minutes.    

Put the pizza in the back to keep Sophie's nose out of them, slid the back pack in next to Sophie got in myself got started and as I was pulling out I reached up to adjust my glasses but they weren't there!

I almost went into panic mode, but  I parked again and started searching the back seat where I figured they had fallen off... No luck .  I checked the back pack thinking they may have fallen in when I switched tanks, again no luck.  I got out and ran back inside to see if they may have fallen in  the store, nope they weren't there.   At this point a nice lady and gentleman looked under the cars but nothing.

Yes I was starting to panic.  I resigned myself to driving home without my glasses and would have to have an early eye exam and get another pair.  I sat with the AC on just breathing trying to calm down.  I felt something on the back of my leg, reached down to pull up whatever it was and TA DA, my glasses!  I yelled to the two who helped me out that I found them and I thanked them.  Rolled up my window, breathed a sigh of relief and told Sophie I wanted no more "adventures" for today.

Before I "dipped" into the pizza I jumped into the shower for a cool down.  Ugh, it was so humid that by the time we got inside poor Sophie's tongue was dragging and I would have been winner in the wet "kneecap warmer" contest for old ladies , (figure that one out LOL)

Pizza was very good, Sophie was a bit miffed that she didn't get any but she will just have to be miffed, she gets fed very well.  Now, I'm going back to my least I'll get to sleep tonight.