Tuesday, August 21, 2012

With the lower temperatures sleeping has become more comfortable, I'm not waking up as much and I'm getting to sleep earlier.  Of course that means getting up a bit earlier which isn't a bad thing.  I was able to get to the store yesterday.  Got a decent parking spot got in and out didn't have crowds to contend with, no rude screaming kids. I even picked up a prescription all in less than an hour.

After getting groceries put away I took the dogs for a walk, and they were both so excited.  It was a nice afternoon and I'm glad we were able to get out.  It did rain later on and when we went outside the girls were none too happy.  Neither was I.

This morning I was up at a "decent" hour, did some "puttering" around here, I had laundry that needed folding.  I have some in the dryer that needs to be folded and put away as well...okay I would rather Hay put themselves away .

We also got in another walk, this one was longer than yesterday and yes it did feel good.  Had to call it short though because although it was great for my mood my hips were killing me and by the time we got to the porch my back was letting me know it had enough.  I had to sit down in the chair on the porch for a few minutes to ease the pain.

My back lower back and hips feel better but I have a cramp in my neck and every time I try to stretch it out I hear a "crackling.  my shoulder hurts too.  Oh I could use a good massage...I'm going to look up places to get a massage and see if I can get one for my birthday.  Or go to Steamtown mall and sit in one of their massage chairs for an hour...