Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What does a semi logically thinking person with common sense do when she wakes up in pain throughout her joints, can feel the heavy humidity making it difficult to breathe and upon going outside so the dogs can do their business early  she can feel the air "sweating" do?

Well considering that obviously the above wasn't me this morning, I got dressed in my jeans, grabbed a large tank of O2, put it into the car.  Got all three bags of garbage to the porch , got my keys, turned everything off except the small fan (yes even the O2 machine).  Picked up my wallet and my phone and out the door I went.

Got the bags of garbage into the trunk then out to the curb, Headed to the full service station where I had them put $10 into the gas tank.  Then off to the grocery store, where I was just going to pick up "a few things" .  I get the the cashier swipe my Food Stamp card, key in my pin and it's invalid WTHF?  I do it again, key in my pin and again invalid!  Since I didn't have enough in my regular account to cover it all I threw up my hands and said "forget this" and walked out.

While there is nothing I desperately need on my list I was hopping to get it today rather than have to run around tomorrow during a thunderstorm, but then I could wait until Thursday as well.  Anyway I tried to go to the EBT site and it's "currently unavailable" so I can't even change my pin number for food stamps and I'm going to have to call to see what the hell is going on.

By the time I got home though I was beat.  Got in, turned the O2 machine back on, closed the portable.  Sat for a couple of minutes then took the dogs out where by this time I was feeling miserable with the mugginess of the air, just not comfortable.  Once back inside I decided to take a shower break and washed and conditioned my hair while I was in there.  It felt good getting the "sweaty air" off of me

But I'm still in pain, I had to turn on the other fan because the humidity is still too high for me.  I checked the weather for where Shannon is...the weather is almost perfect.  A bit over 80 degrees, very low humidity and even the barometric pressure is at a good spot.  If I were there right now me and the girls would be on a walk...No I'm here with saturated air, muddy driveway and aching bones.  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.