Monday, August 13, 2012

Not a good night last night.  After watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics I was a wake for awhile longer but began to tire so to help sleep along I took a Melatonin.  I got to sleep fairly quickly and about four hours later I was up going to the bathroom, not a bad thing, I was able to get back to sleep quickly.

About six though I woke up coughing, trying to clear the mucus out of my throat.  I finally had to use the inhaler to get the bronchial passages opened up enough to get the stuff coughed up.  By the time everything worked my upper back hurt so I had to turn on the heating pad.  I didn't mind the heating pad because it was a bit chilly with the window open anyway.

The major problem that was bothering me, however was the burning in my nose and eyes, as if there were some chemical spilled in the area, of which of course there was none.  My eyes were so bad I couldn't even open them without pain.  I was finally able to have them open enough to go in and rinse them with cool water until the burning stopped.  Then I looked for the reason  for the sensation to begin with and found nothing.  Only thing I could possibly deduce is that perhaps I'm allergic to some of the ingredients in the Melatonin?

And when I woke up this morning I felt like crap.  Still couldn't find whatever it was that bothered my eyes and nose earlier.  My back hurts so bad...not just the upper part, and my collarbone/clavicle and back of my neck are aching.  This really puts a damper on what I was thinking of getting done today.  I was going to get a few groceries today, some dog food.  Nothing I need desperately but I was just wanting to get it done.  I just don't have it in me now.  So tired, too much pain...oh yeah I need to restock on pain meds as well.

I crave, yes crave a foot massage, my toes and ankles throb and the tops of my feet are a bit puffy.  So after a weekend of productivity I'm going to take today off and vegetate.  Going to grab the mouthpiece to the nabulizer and run that machine.  I don't like to because I get the shakes after, worse than the normal tremors I have to deal with.  And more hacking and coughing to get all that crap up.  So what are you doing the rest of today?