Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well it has been quite a day, and by night time I'm going to be in such pain.  I had a "Help I've fallen and can't get up" moment in the kitchen while fixing the girls their dinner.  I was sitting on my rolling stool cleaning up the dishes and tossing out old food when the stool began to roll right out from under me!  Had I been in the Olympics I would have scored straight 10s all around. it was such a beautiful 3 point landing!

After a few expletives and catching my breath I was able to get myself up, in pain of course and complete fixing the girls dinner and set it out for them.  I was feeling it in my back and butt though and I thanked the powers that be that I managed to get all of my "to-dos" done before this happened.  Boy did I ever have some to -dos to do.  

I was up kind of late last night, poor Phoebe had been yipping and whining all evening so I grabbed her up to see what was going on and oh Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy , fleas.  So I popped her into the tub for a quick flea bath...keep in mind this was at midnight!!  She was a bit better but still seemed bothered so I made a mental list of what I was going to need from the store in the form of flea repentant, new bedding because I decided to get rid of the pillows her and Sophie had been using.  And of course I had to get dog food, among other groceries.  

At the store in the pet department I wasn't going to pay almost $20 per dog bed and then got an idea.  I went to the crafting area after picking up the flea stuff and also picked up something for ear mites.  I found a pair of foam inserts for $8 each that would work very well .  All I would need to do is cover with a pillow case and they would be easy to clean.  Just on and off with a pillow case.  

Got home, put groceries away, then grabbed up both dogs and off to the bathtub.   Phoebe was not very happy that she had to go through it again, Sophie just tolerated it and while waiting for the Flea shampoo to work she whined.  We managed to sit out the entire five minutes, I rinsed them down Dried Sophie first so I could get her bundled and in control so I could clean her ears one which has been giving her problems., hence the ear mite medication.  got Sophie as dry as I could get her then came Phoebe who was very happy about getting out of the tub.  

Then came the part Sophie really doesn't like...the flea medication.  She can get pretty nasty about it.  I don't know if she doesn't like the smell or if it might burn when it goes on.  Phoebe doesn't seem to mind that part.  I gave them both treats for at least being tolerant of the ordeal.   I was hot and sticky and sweaty and felt yucky after bathing the girls so I jumped in for a quick shower myself and wouldn't you know the two of them were sitting at the door watching LOL.  Got dressed and then headed to make dinner for them and myself, which of course is where I had my fall, to now where I'm watching television and sitting with the heating pad on my back.  I am tired, I am in pain...