Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well July certainly went out with a bang.  Hopefully August I can get back on balance.  I am trying to recharge from all the stress.

The dogs know something is up, they have this look of concern in their eyes.  However they've also had an attitude lately.  For some reason what they eat at mealtime hasn't measured up to their expectations and they've been walking away turning their noses up.  I've tried to make it so I tried doctoring it up...that didn't go over either.  I finally just stopped giving them their "doing business outside" treats because they really enjoy those and tonight I found out what the problem was.  

Tired of the battle I started feeding Phoebe by hand and damned if she didn't start taking it from me, bite by bite.  Yeah she wanted me to feed her!  Like who is she anyway Paris Hilton's "Tinkerbell"?  I think not!  So I picked up the food dish, and put it back in it's usual spot and she followed and kept eating, at which point Sophie came in and finished her's.  Can you imagine wanting me to feed her?  

After getting my new machine set up I had to move Sophie's basket and it is a little difficult for her to jump in head first...I swear this dog has a spring inside her because she stands parallel to the basket and just jumps right in!  It is so funny to watch!  She stands there like she's counting down, nods her head a couple of times and then bloop she's in!

So now it's back to the Olympics, on Face book I mused how the U.S. athletes would be doing if they weren't ingesting the "official" food of the Olympics from McDonald's.