Sunday, August 5, 2012

I've been sitting her all day watching the weather.  A storm just rumbled through and the weather link I have on the computer didn't pick it up.  It got so super humid that just breathing caused me to sweat.  I'd blink my eyes and water would leak into my eyes.

Then the sky got so dark the humidity was unbearable so I turned  on the AC.  The storm blew through here for about 10 minutes.  Sheets of rain came down and the sky was oh so dark.  So I turned on the AC while it was coming down.  Then it got too cold...

I turned off the AC when I went in to fix dinner for myself and the girls.  They were quite happy with tonight's "bill of fare", they were licking the bottom on their dishes by the time I was done cooking my dinner.  Came back into the living room and ugh it was muggy in here again.  So back on with the AC, I turned it on low cool.

I've been watching the Olympics quite a bit this time around.  Coverage isn't as "choppy" as it has been in the past.  Plus there is more of a variety of events they've been showing, not just  gymnastics , basketball, weight lifting  and male dominated events.  There is woman's diving, women's track and field events.  Men and women's Water Polo, Men and women's doubles volleyball, team volleyball and rowing.

Very interesting and very enjoyable.  I'm not rooting for any particular team or participant although yes I am glad with the U.S. gets gold.  I just think it is great that the entire world is here participating together, and that intolerance of race, culture, ore religion is not tolerated...I'm sure that people have already forgotten the name of Voula Papachnstrou, in case you have forgotten she was the Greek Triple Jumper than made a racists remark about African immigrants...How can someone be so stupid?

Anyway for the most part I have really enjoyed this year's Olympics, I hope this set up continues into the Winter Olympics from Russia.