Thursday, August 16, 2012

So I'm hunched over like Quasimodo today, thanks to the spill I took yesterday.  my tailbone hurts and I'm on a pillow to ease the pain.  No it's not broken, it's been broken before and I know what it feels like, I wouldn't be able to sit at all if it were.  It just feels mighty bruised.

Hurts just below my knees as well because I had to get to my knees in order to get up.  My ribs hurt, from the jarring they took when I landed.  my right wrist up to my elbow have not been phased at all by the pin meds, no no breakage, I am able to use it, no pain to the touch and it's not swollen, the joints are just in pain.

My shoulders and upper back hurt.  I spent the night with the heating pad.  I've been contemplating taking the electric mattress pad off the bed and putting it in my chair.  I could probably sleep quite comfortably that way.  All my joints would thank me.  I like the mattress pad but have trouble sleeping flat, it's difficult getting up in the morning. so I'm in the recliner until I can get to where I can get a hospital type bed.

Ir really did shake me up though, it even hurts to breathe, My upper thorax hurts whenever I inhale,  not a lot but enough to be noticed and when I take a deep breath that whole right side hurts.  Sometimes I have to stop and think which side my heart is on just to assure myself it's not a heart attack.  If it were happening on the left I'd be on the phone or headed to the ER.

The dogs on the other hand are fine.  I wish I could have been able to walk them today but the pain has been too much.  It has been a good day, humidity finally started going down along with the temperature.  It would have been nice to get out for a walk but my legs ache and I don't think my back could have handled being on my feet that long.

They are feeling much better today, no yipping and whining, no biting and scratching.  I was able to sleep all night without either one of them waking me up.  It felt good.  I've been working at getting the ear mite medication into Sophie's ear and I've managed to get some of it in there, not sure exactly how much but so far it seems like it is working.  She hasn't been having problems with that ear now...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to redo it.  She wasn't too happy about it to begin with...

I've been looking more closely at my upper fibulae and brusies are beginning to devlop on both of them.