Monday, August 13, 2012

Okay enough "housework" for this Sunday afternoon.  Not interested in the Basketball on the Olympics I decided to start to straighten in the kitchen a bit and get some of the junk in the dining room tossed.  My back is of course paying the price.

I started on this little venture kind of early yesterday and got a little done.  That helped tire me out so I could get to sleep last night before the wee hours.  Yesterday was nice in the early part of the day with low humidity however during the day it began to get sticker.

I had to laugh the other day when the girls and I were out.  the kids in the house across the green were playing and romping when one of them stopped and said he was going in because the air was "sweating".  I thought that was an interesting way to put it.

I am finishing up the iced coffee, just had a quick snack and I'm feeling a bit "recharged" so I'm thinking of getting back to the kitchen clean up.  That depends upon what the Olympics has to offer after the  Medal Ceremony for the basketball...U.S. won the gold.

There is a breeze blowing outside, and if the windows were on the wall across from me it would be coming in stirring around, instead the widows are to the side of me and while I do feel some of the breeze I have to have the fans going to pull it in because it goes past the window.  Frustrating.

Closing ceremonies to the Olympics came and went, and for the most part in my opinion, while beautiful kind of anticlimactic   The "nod" to John Lennon and Freddy Mercury were good, however they were touting Mercury as being British, he wasn't her was Persian, born in Zanzibar.  Yes his parents did send him to a British boarding school near Bombay.  So they goofed there.

They also had nods to other "oldies but goodies" from Great Britain, David Bowie, and The Who.   I would have loved to have seen Sir Elton rather than the Spice Girls or Jessie J whomever she is.  No I don't know who she is and frankly, don't care.  I did know who Annie Lennox was and was happy they included her.

Prince Harry was overseeing it all and the President of the Olympic committee made a couple of trips but he's French and no one really cared.  Seeing all the happy faces was also pretty good, Monday morning they will start back to the "real" world, too bad life couldn't go on with the camaraderie and good will born of the games.  Sad we go back to our wars and conflicts and have learned nothing over the past couple of weeks...sad really.