Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here I am finally settling in for the afternoon with my salad greens with chick peas in ranch dressing accompanied by a tall glass of water.  I am tired, but it has been a pretty productive day for me.  I know for many it would be nothing major but for me, "I done good".

Very motivated this morning after a great night's sleep.  Low humidity all night I had the window open and it was quite cool.  I didn't even need the fans going, in fact I needed a light cover so I grabbed a sheet, doubled it and tossed it over me...slept very well.

After hitting the bathroom I sat down and while watching the Olympics I wrote out a shopping list, then I started getting ready to hit the road.  I got a large tank out to the car and got it all set up.  Came back in and packed the backpack with 2 full tanks and one half tank my inhaler, tank openers, phone and wallet.

I took the dogs out before I left came in and turned the air conditioner to low because the forecast called for more humidity and temperatures were going to be in the 80s and that equal I'd be miserable when I got home and I wanted to walk in on comfort.  I turned off the 02 machine cranked up the portable and was out the door.

The dogs must be getting used to me going out because now they sit in their chair and give me that "bring home lots of goodies" look rather than the "you are going to come back right?" look.  It's nice when I get home though.  They stay back when I tell them to get back and they wait until I get everything inside.  I turn on the O2 machine sit in my chair and they jump into my lap and greet me, wanting to know what amazing things I had brought home .

Then I got up, put groceries away, grab a tank, leashed up the dogs and gave them what they have been waiting for all week without portables, a walk.  Oh they do love their walks and I really felt bad we couldn't go but I had no portables and I can't go very far without oxygen.  I could probably make it to the curb but then I'd get fuzzy headed and not interested in passing out trying to get back inside.

So we did our walk, both girls did all of their business and when we got inside both girls got a tasty treat.  Hot and sweaty myself I went and cleared some junk out of the shed, getting hotter and sweatier and came in hit the bathroom turned on the shower stripped and did a soak in the tepid spray, calming me down, cooling me off and refreshing me.  Now the rest of the day is the Olympics, checking the message boards a nap and time for me to turn of the AC because, yes I am cold now...
                             RIP Marvin Hamlisch