Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Got up in time to go do the groceries as planned today.  Wasn't sure I was going to make it though.  got everything packed into the backpack then realized that I only had two of the small O2 tanks available, which meant I had to drag along one of the large tanks, just in case.

So after carting the backpack with two small O2 tanks and carrying a large tank long I attempted to  put the concentrator from one of the empty tanks in the car onto the fresh large tank but lost the washer somewhere in the seat of the car so I had to grab the concentrator from one of the short tanks and use it because I was starting to go "purple"  Not good.

Once there I decided to keep the O2 set up the way it was and I parked near the cart kiosk on the parking lot so I could put the big tank into it to get into the store and the backpack on my back, just in case and headed for the entrance.  I had toyed with the idea to just load the backpack into the pushcart  and walk around the store pushing the cart but after the walk into the store I knew that wasn't going to work, so I grabbed a scooter.

Got the large tank into the basket on the scooter and headed to pharmacy to drop off my refill prescription then along my way to do the rest of the shopping.  I'm glad I got there early because only half of the nutcases were there.  The idiots who for some reason just don't see those scooters and head straight for them totally oblivious.   O, the parents who allow their kids to run a muck.  The small kids who come running to the scooter while I'm "parked"  because they want a "ride" and think that I'm going to let them on!

That happened to me today.  This kid about three came running right for me as I was heading over to the cheese I almost ran smack into her!  Luckily another  shopper grabbed her and stopped her, so the mother comes up wanting to know if there was a "problem" and the other shopper told her the kid was running straight for me and that maybe she should keep a closer eye on the child.   The mother stormed of with the kid  screaming that she wanted a scooter too.

Why do parents allow their kids to run around like that, especially small children, this one was barely out of diapers for crying out loud!  There are creeps around every corner, even in Wal Mart and they can be off with a kid and gone long before the "code Adam" goes out.

At any rate I finished my shopping made it through the check out and as I was getting ready to head toward the exit I remembered my prescription!  So I had to double back and get it and headed toward the exit.  traded the scooter for a push cart, hoisted the large tank into the cart, and out to the car.  Car loaded up, and headed home.

Got out of the car at home and what seemed to be the hot breath of hell came up at me from the ground!  Slowly I grabbed the groceries out of the car's trunk to the porch.  Unlocked the porch and toss everything inside and "melted" into my recliner after shutting off the portable tank and getting the O2 machine going again.  Then I turned on the AC and got the groceries put away.

Took the dogs out again and they very quickly did their "business as they too didn't care for the steamy air.  They got fed, boy they really love the food I've been getting.  Now with the AC still on, time for a light snack, a Melatonin and good night...