Thursday, July 26, 2012

What a day!  I woke up with a headache but that wasn't too bad.  Feeling pretty good I took the dogs for a walk early.  When we came in I checked the weather while having breakfast and heard about sever thunderstorms headed our way.

Thinking it was a good thing I had the girls on a walk early  I began doing some pick up around here.  The headache was getting worse so I took some Tylenol, checked the weather and found the barometric pressure was pretty high and the humidity was climbing.    So I stopped for a break and wound up falling asleep.

After my nap I noticed the humidity had climbed way up and there were  the flashes of watches on television about the storms and that in surrounding areas there were even tornado warnings.  So I decided to shut everything down until the storms passed, hoping we wouldn't lose electricity.

I do have enough tanks that would hold me over for a few hours but not enough for too long.  Enough to get me to the local ER if need be though.   Sophie knew something was coming, she headed for her basket, her comfort zone if you will.  She seems to like that basket when she's feeling scared.

Phoebe has her own comfort lap and that is where she was during the lightning and thunder.  Sophie made me laugh when the storm was at it's worst.  The lightning was flashing in the window and she was barking like crazy.  Of course she was in her basket so she was safe...yeah if that tornado would have come through she wouldn't be very safe.

We waited  out the storm, actually it was two, one from one direction and another from the other direct on and yes in those areas that were warned there were tornadoes and at one point we had lightning touch down in the back of the house as well as in the front at the same time!  Yeah Phoebe was shaking and Sophie was barking up a storm herself

The sky was such such an angry black, so dark at 5:00 that it felt like 9:00 and this wall of rain just slicing  through the yard.  I looked out the windows in the back and could see it progress like it were on the attack.  Sitting here listening to it reminded me of that part in the Disney movie Fantasia where the gods are doing battle.

Looking at the weather one last time and I see barometer hasn't moved and humidity is still at 95%!  Sleeping is not going to be easy.  My neck is killing me now along with the headache, my eyes are tired.  So after the storm I found I was knocked offline and had to rest my connection, some of the cable channels around were lost.  Didn't bother me though because I no longer have cable so I just switched over to the stations that were showing the least there is something on.