Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh a very long day it has been.  Yes I am hurting still from the tumble I took the other day.  But I had to pick up a couple of prescriptions and do some shopping for a number of things because Schwan's online ordering has been having problems and I've gotten tired of the problems.  While having groceries delivered was optimum, easier on me because I didn't have to cart all of those bags to the car then inside here at home and then put them all away.

I make my orders online though and sometimes the online orders wouldn't get "picked up" in time and my delivery date would be missed and I'd have to wait another two weeks, so I'd go to the store to pick up what I needed.  Since I was going to the store so often I decided enough was enough.

Once a month I do one major purchase, I get meats, frozen foods canned goods and once a week I go out for things I run out of and fresher foods such as produce, dairy and dog food.  Yes getting the big haul inside and put away can be quite daunting but I'm getting better at it and if I crank that portable tank way up I can do okay and once the cold foods are put away I can take a break.

So I didn't have the meats to get today, I still have a months worth in the freezer but there were other things I needed and I managed to go over $100.  But that was after the difficulty of shopping.  It was a good thing I had three tanks with me because with all the crap two wouldn't have made it.

First when I got  inside the store I noticed the only scooters left had been unplugged and when I inquired to the push cart "jockey" he went out in a huff to check and came in with one plus an attitude and snottily told me that if I would have turned it on I would have been able to see that it was ready to go.

I thanked him for his rude comment and went on about shopping.  After picking up my prescription I headed over to the grocery side  and dodged children running back and forth, older folks totally oblivious or the old friends catching up on their lives in the middle of the aisles.  Then of course thee were the stock people who can't move for two seconds while you reach for what you need.  Or won't ask if they can get it for you.  No they give you dirty looks.

Oh I forgot to mention the group of teen aged girls bouncing around too busy with their shelves blocking what I needed to get to, I said "excuse me so many times people were beginning to stare, "can I just get in here a moment" nothing I finally gave up and very clearly stated what self centered little bitches they were as I rode off.  Did they hear me?  I certainly home so.

I finally reached the check out, where I was behind two guys who must have needed to use the bathroom or something because they kept moving back and forth.  They would pull up a few steps then pull back a few steps.  I just pulled back and sat.  Did I mention I was in the line of the worlds slowest cashier, and she was not very pleasant either.

Everything that came in front of her to be scanned she had to analyze, as if she had never seen it before.  I can't imagine someone never seeing a can of black olives before.  Or a box of crackers.  But then again...By the time she got done I had to switch tanks for the 2nd time since entering the store which I did over on the benches, only this time I didn't crash into them.

Then out to the car, into the steamy air, oh yes it had become quite humid since entering the store.  The sky was dark to one side and I could hear thunder in the distance.  I saw a couple of flashes of lightning in that direction as well.  Got the car packed up, and just as I got inside it began to sprinkle.

Of course when I got back home I discovered I had forgotten a few things...oh well in a few days I can pick them up.  Everything I got today is put away at last.  I was also able to finally pay off a loan a month ahead of time so  I'm kind of "psyched" about that, It means I'm going to have to "scrape  a wee bit for the rest of the month but it also means that starting next month I will have an extra $200 in my account every month...I could use an extra $200 a month.