Monday, July 16, 2012

I had such a moment when I woke up! Started my day with a bit of acrobatic action! I was just waking, and began stretching here in my chair and I guess I shifted my bod wrong because back the chair went and I wound up doing a backward somersault ending with my legs up in the air against the staircase.

Of course while going over I heard everything from my neck on down crack and snap, nothing broken but what a noise! The dogs came running and just stood there as if to see "WOW can we see that again?", wagging tails and butts for me to get up and take them outside.

At first I just remained where I was so I could clear my head and catch my breath and ask the powers that be to help me get myself up. I struggled to get to my knees and that killed my knees. I got reached up and got hold of the stair banister and was able to pull myself up. 

After I got the chair back into position and sat down to recover, got my heart rate down, hitched up the girls and we got outside. Once back in I sat down to stabilize myself and after a few minutes I was feeling okay. So I did a bit of picking up before the humidity started going up and now I'm done for the day.