Sunday, July 15, 2012

The humidity has been up and down all day!  At one point it was almost 95%.  That is when I cranked up the AC and just sat.  I did try to grab a nap but still couldn't do it, too much going through my feeble mind I guess.

After awhile the humidity started going down and I started feeling a bit more motivated.  Outside it was still pretty steamy though.  None the less I started looking around and decided I needed more air getting to me, but I didn't want to rearrange the chairs again.

So I moved my chair closer to the table beside the girl's chair sat down to check and sure enough I was hit with lovely air, ahhhh. Of course that meant having to rearrange the cables for the computer/Internet.  I had to move Sophie's basket and Phoebe's pillows.  Sophie seemed to approve of where her basket was now;.

Of course i also had to move tables around and tomorrow I have quite a mess to clean up but some of that will be picked up tonight when I do a load of laundry.  The rest will be I can take care of early tomorrow.

My sleepless night wasn't a total wash.  I managed to get some nice fixing onto my blog, the new background and even sounds to go with it.  I even made a banner and a Siggie for Cafe' Mom postings. I also added it to my desktop wallpaper.  I chose the background because it was a refreshing theme and I was in need of refreshment LOL.