Saturday, July 14, 2012

Considering that the dogs were out of food I decided to do the weekly shopping today. I really didn't want to drive all the way to Wal Mart then have to find a good parking spot then deal with the obnoxious brats while shopping all the time not feeling good on top of it. So I drove to one of the closer local markets, cranked up the O2 because they don't supply scooters and that meant having to walk.

No major problem I can put the backpack into the child seat of the push cart. Besides I only needed a couple of things. First thing I get there and I find a good spot next to a handicapped spot. I made note that the person driving that car needed a lesson in how to park because the care was just about over the line into my spot but there was no one on the other side so I was able to get in close to the center in my spot.

I was getting my backpack ready when I hear this tapping on my car roof. I look up and this lady wants me to move my car so she can get her basket in so she can put her groceries into her car! Well gee lady if you had of parked correctly in the first place you wouldn't be in that predicament. So I moved my car, That was my good deed for the day, Now Karma won't be coming back and biting me in the ass later.

I drove around the lot a couple of times and finally a good spot opened up and I pulled in, grabbed my pack and off I went. Got inside and looked at my tank....lucky me it was almost empty! I got out of the doorway so I could switch tanks without blocking people and sure enough this lady had to get around me. I moved so she could get to what she wanted and then she didn't want it!

Nonetheless I was able to get my tanks switched and go on about my shopping. Got the dog food, got them their "trail mix" treats some bread and headed to the check out, cashed out headed to the car and realized that I forgot the peanut butter!

Not feeling good plus tired I simply did not want to go back so I put the groceries I did have into the car, situated myself , checked behind me and began to pull out. Well the minute I did some guy comes swooping down on my spot like he can't wait for me to move. I pulled away and headed home.

Once parked I grabbed my back pack, switched off the tank I use when driving, then get to the door and get inside where two little faces are just waiting to greet me with hugs and kisses. And I realize that I left the groceries in the car and I have to turn around and go back out. Did I mention that it is hellishly humid out there? So I have to get the girls out of my way so I can go back out, bring in the groceries and then fall into my chair.

After a few minutes I got the groceries put up, switched from the portable O2 tank to the stationary compressor. I was feeling hot and sticky so I took a quick cool down shower and then the girls and I sat and relaxed in the chair. Now I am going to continue to relax, it's Saturday, the humidity is rising and I've got nothing pressing that has to be done. ..except I think I need to turn down the AC because it's getting cold in here...