Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I actually walked out to the curb with the garbage and back!

Had a great Morning walk with the girls.  I started out this morning feeling pretty bad.  Still have that railroad spike in my head but I don't feel it as harshly now.  Anyway the weather has shifted and it's fairly decent outside.  Low humidity, as well as temperatures, sunny, blue skies and a nice breeze.

Although I wasn't feeling all that well but inside I wanted to get out in that great weather, I just couldn't take it any longer.  So I fixed myself and the girls breakfast and after breakfast I started getting ready.

First I got the backpack set up that way I wouldn't have to do it later.  I can't exercise right after eating so after a half wait I grabbed a portable O2 tank, cranked it up to 8 and began stretching to warm up my muscles.  Then I had to go to the bathroom again, coffee kicked in.

After the stretches and visit to the bathroom I took a couple of puffs off the Ventolin, slathered on the sunblock. I then got my sneakers on, cranked up the O2 to 11 put the pack on my back, hitched up the girls and off we went.  Made it just about to the Stop sign up the street before my lower back said we had to turn around and go back.

The girls loved getting out as I did and while we were walking back I felt my headache had eased up I had kept up a pretty good pace as well but had to slow it down a bit because I also felt the O2 getting low and wanted to be able to at least make it to the door.

Inside the girls got their treat and are now enjoying a well earned rest as I go for another iced coffee and take my meds and while I'm thinking about it, get ready to take the garbage to the curb, I'd like to walk it out there if I can.  Then come in and grab a nap...