Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well yours truly had a very productive morning.  Wit the weather so hot, and the stagnant air I was asleep by 10pm last night.  Yes I woke up a couple of times to go to the bathroom, however I went right back to sleep after making adjustments to the AC and the fans.

At 7am I was wide a wake so I decided to get the  monthly major shopping done while I had the morning cool to do so.  I readied my backpack, gathered my phone, my wallet, my keys.  I got dressed and by now the girls were curious, so I took them out and was hit with that wall of stagnant air already.

I turned the AC on low because I figured by the time I got home I'd be bitching myself out if I didn't.  The girls both got into the chair next to the AC and sprawled out because they too were hot just from doing their business.  I grabbed my backpack and my keys and out the door I went.  The girls didn't even bat an eye.

I found a "prime" parking spot right off the bat when I got there, got inside where there were lots of scooters to choose from.  Went about my shopping casually without having to dodge some one's brats or people standing in the aisles chatting blocking my way around them.

Got everything on my list within a short period of time, didn't even need to stop and change tanks...until I got to the check out.  That was easy as well because just as I pulled up the person ahead of me was done so I was able to get everything out of the basket on the scooter, pay for it and then get out of the way so I could change tanks.  Took the scooter back grabbed a push cart (Not allowed to take scooters outside the store any longer), Purchases inside the trunk, and off I went heading home all before 9am!

Made it home just after 9, took the dogs out no walk today, I was already feeling uncomfortable.  Got inside, girls got their treats and I set about getting things put away.  I repackaged my meats into single serving sizes, this way I'll have enough for an entire month and only have to go for things I run out of and fresh foods.  The girls were interested in what I was doing so I gave them their "brunch" but they only nibbled at it so I picked it up and covered it and put it into the fridge to keep fresh until dinner.

I grabbed myself a bite and some water, turned on the television and enjoyed the cool.  Kicked back in the recliner and fell asleep.  Woke up refreshed took the dogs out again, once inside I needed to turn the AC up to high, I just turned it back down again.

According to the weather reports we're supposed to have a thunderstorm between tonight and tomorrow night, the temperatures are supposed to be lower tomorrow and after the thunderstorm it's not supposed to be quite as humid...we can only hope...right now I've got to use my nebulizer...I hate that thing...