Saturday, June 23, 2012

It started out to be a pretty good day.  I woke up kind of early, the humidity was low as was the temperature.  I was able to turn off the larger fan and use the small table one to keep the air circulating since there was a good breeze coming through the window.   Took the girls out and made a note to get them on a walk in a while.

I started doing some picking up around here, tried to see if I could get the other laptop working didn't work.  I did some research for it and found that I could  eventually hook that one to this one so I could have access to the monitor.  I just have to get the right cables and figure out what I'm doing when the time comes.

Time for the walk came, I gathered up my backpack, made sure the O2 tank inside had enough, got the girl's leashes and put on my shoes.  They were in Hog Heaven knowing we were going on a walk!  Out to the road then up a couple of houses and back home.  I sat outside for a few minutes before coming back in to finish the clean up.  got the girls unleashed,  as we came inside.

I was kicking off my shoes while taking off the backpack and felt it as I set the bag down.  I moved wrong and the pain went up into my skull and down to my knees and I almost fell down!  Oh man that hurt!  I made it to the freezer and got an ice pack out before getting to my chair.  Once there I turned on the heating pad so I could use it after icing the pain for a few minutes.  So much for picking up for the rest of the much for doing much of anything for the rest of the day.

Of course I took the pills for my back and I dozed on and off all day in between stretching my back and getting up and down regularly for the bathroom and taking the girls out.  Thank goodness for Roku and Pandora Music...They make for a very relaxing Saturday and a nice way to make pain ease up.

I'm still feeling the pain but not as bad and with a good night's rest I will feel better come morning.  I can only hope we have the nice day tomorrow that we had today because I'd like another walk and to not have to turn on the AC.