Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good night's sleep

A very productive morning this one was.  Had a pretty decent night's sleep (that low humidity does it every time), so I was up kind of early.   Washed out the filter to my O2 machine and set it to dry while I cranked up one of the portable canisters and was going to take the girls for a walk.

I decided that since is was a good morning I'd get to Wal Mart early to do the groceries before it became the entertainment center for all the kids out of school for the summer.  You can read about my "adventure" today here if you're interested.

Getting the shopping done I headed to the car with my purchases only to remember that I parked on the other side of the lot so I had to walk all the way back down to the other end.  There I was pushing that cart with four O2 tanks on my back finally made it to the car, tossed everything in the trunk took the cart to the cart holding area and back to the car.

I debated the thought of stopping at Starbuck's on the way home but decided against, instead once I was in the car I just headed straight home, where I got the groceries inside then hitched up the girls for a nice walk.  By this time I had emptied out two tanks so took them out of the back pack for our walk.

Once inside I headed to the kitchen with the groceries where I discovered that while I was gone Sophie had gotten into the garbage!  I put the foods that needed refrigeration away cleaned up Sophie's mess, put the other stuff away replaced the filter to the machine, turned the portable tank off, turned on the machine grabbed some olives for a snack and planted my butt in my chair.  Save for taking the girls out and going to the bathroom I'm not moving...

The fans are on and with the light breeze outside and very low humidity I don't need the extra power of the A/C to help combat the heat.  The fan is on low and it is actually very comfortable...I'm thinking of getting in a nap right now...