Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So the shower I took opened everything up in my chest and back, let me know just where my aches and pains from the past few days actually were.  As if needing to be reminded was high on my list.  No lie that my wrists would like to thank me very much for moving the dryer away from the wall and my shoulders would love to let me know that they appreciated me trying to move it back. 

My sinuses opened up in the shower as well, letting me know I still had remnants of the Lavage by Cannula the other day still with me.  and of course my right elbow and hernia letting me know they say "hey" as well.  Hopefully Miss Sophie De Hour learned a little bit about chasing "critters" behind things as well.  If not, well that could bode unfavorably for her. 

As it is, this has been a wake up call to me, that yes I do need help around here.  Maybe once a week have someone come in and slap my hands on occasion when I wants to get to sedentary  But if the weather were warmer, if here was more sun than gray I'd want to get out more and walk Sophie.  I have just never been able to accustom myself to gray, dreary drizzly days, I need color I need to be drawn outside  I don't want to sit inside all day but when it's damp and cold yuck.  I spent most of my life s a beached whale, now you wan t me the swamps as a Manatee?

So as my nose and eyes continue to leak water and I continue to hack up water from my lungs.  I'm going to get ready for sleep and enjoy a restful peaceful sleep f r awhile.