Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breathe in, breathe out.  sip some more iced coffee.  Yes I am doing okay.  Boy everyone on my FB is so worried.  I love you guys!  .    Yes I really am okay,.  Not in the best of shape and I was scared earlier.  I really do appreciate all of your concern and yes I am okay.  I now appreciate those with MS a bit more, I understand that lack of vision and I think that is the scariest part.  If my vision were better I wouldn't be so afraid to drive but with it as bad as it is I don't dare get behind the wheel of a car right now.especially with it getting dark.

I'm feeling kind of "asthmatic" right now.  glad I was able to find my in haler because I ran out of the nebulizer medication and can't get it until I get the blood work done, can't get my thyroid medication until the blood work comes back.  Again I'm not going all the way to Wilkes Barre for the Endo, there is one up here in Scranton that is taking new patients so I'm going to see if I can get in there.  But I was able to "fuel" up enough today to feel okay.  and yes mom if I felt worse I would have called the ambulance to take me to the ER but I started feeling better.  I'm drinking iced coffee right now so I should be okay for the most part.  To keep track I'm setting my clock for tow hour naps.

I also want to get some fresh veggies would be nice, cucumber and tuna fish sandwiches would be nice.  Some pasta with dressing and green veggies, yeah that sounds good.   Maybe later, I'm going to kick up my feet right now and doze a bit with my Sophie, She has a full tummy for sure, was very pleased with her dinner tonight with the "drizzle" of bacon juice over her food this evening.

All of that will come in time, after my thyroid gets back to normal.  or what my normal is.  for now, a snooze.  This pretty much says it all...Waning moon phase moon is getting smaller